Consonant Twins

Consonant TwinsConsonant Twins



Consonant twins don’t like to be together,

Consonant twins will separate forever,

Consonant twins live in separate syllables,

So break between them.



Double P—dripping, drip/ping

Double D—plodding, plod/ding

Double S—flossing, flos/sing

Double G—begging, beg/ging


Double L—silly, sil/ly

Double P—puppy, pup/py

Double G—shaggy, shag/gy

Double N—funny, fun/ny



Double S—dresser, dres/ser

Double T—matter, mat/ter

Double N—winner, win/ner

Double L—filler, fil/ler


Double T—hottest, hot/test

Double D—maddest, mad/dest

Double L—fullest, ful/lest

Double D—gladdest, glad/dest


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